About Us. Why our Clients love us.

We are Devi Studios and we hand-craft creative Visual Communications that Move and Inspire people. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create world-class communications that move and inspire people. Our talented team of artists and professionals can craft powerful and effective communications for you, including websites, videos, interactive media and more.

Our Clients

We can work with you wherever you are! Our clients are a diverse group from all over the world and include small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, artists, corporations and others. We have helped many people who wish to connect with a broad audience effectively, clearly, and concisely.

No Project is the Same

Every project is different and we custom tailor each project to deliver the best results. Our team is uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding results across a variety of disciplines. We combine high-level, strategic thinking with a detail-oriented obsession with quality.

Navin Kulshreshtha, Director

Navin Kulshreshtha, Web Design, Video ProductionDevi Studios was created by Navin Kulshreshtha, a communication professional with a diverse background in web design, filmmaking, and multimedia production. He has over 12 years of professional experience in web development, graphic design, and film/video production.

He has a Masters in Public Communication and Master of Fine Arts (in Film & Electronic Media) from American University, where he deepened his understanding of art, design, and communication. He is also an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) and regularly teaches classes in Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, CSS and video production.

Navin produced and directed the documentary, Asha goes to India, which was a Finalist at the Moondance Film Festival and is available on Gaiam TV. He has extensive experience with all stages film & video production including: script writing, camera, sound, lighting, editing, marketing and distribution.

Chaska Rojas-Bottger, Web Designer and Video Specialist

Chaska is a web professional with 8 years of experience designing and developing clean web interfaces. Chaska specializes in graphic design, WordPress websites, videography and, more recently, received a Master’s of Communications in Digital Media from the University of Washington – where she focused on web video storytelling and produced her first short documentary, “Quechua in Seattle”. She is an excellent designer and highly detail oriented.

A. Parker, Graphic Designer

A. Parker is a graphic designer, video editor, and post-production specialist with over 7 years of professional experience. He specializes in print graphic design, web graphics, animation, and editing. He’s expert at using Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, AfterEffects and many other tools.

Amit. K, Lead Developer

Amit is a technical wizard with expertise in WordPress custom development, PHP, MySQL, Apache, jQuery, Javascript, HTML/CSS, mobile app development, Ecommerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Hosting, Social Media and Online Marketing solutions. He leads the technical team at Devi Studios and is an excellent problem solver.

Ashish Maurya, Cinematographer

Ashish has a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography “But Cinema has influenced and taught me more than the college,” he says. His sensibility is somewhere between documentary photography and photojournalism. His forte is his ability to find beauty in ordinary situations. He did the Still Photography for Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding, and for ace film director Muzaffar Ali.